Art Activate is a place for kids to come to learn about art.

Our mission is to bring art and creativity to kids everywhere, through education, experience and community online.

Our site is new and growing, so keep visiting us to view new content!

We envisage the site will feature HOW TO demonstrations of professional tricks of the trade, as well as standard art techniques that every good artist should have under their belt. There are plenty of such ‘How To’ videos online, but none are geared toward students, and none are designed to stimulate students to find their own creative voice. Art Activate videos aren’t lessons per say, they are applied explorations, giving students a foundation of technique and theory to encourage self-growth and the confidence to be creative.

The PROS section of the site will feature interviews with successful working artists in many specialties and vocations. The interviews are geared towards finding out exactly what these artists do in their day to day life, and how they came to do what they do. Questions will be asked like “When you were a kid, what did you want to do?” and “What’s your best advice for any student who wants to do this as a career?”

The EVENTS part of the site will feature visits to art events, including conventions, gallery shows and other types of venues with relevance for art and creativity. The visits will include information about art and art history that students can pay attention to, to win QUIZZES on the site offering art prizes or rare opportunities to meet artists that you can’t get anywhere else.

As a full time, successful, working artist, I’ve watched as friends who are art teachers or parents complain about the lack of funds and time allotted to the pursuit of creativity and the arts in schools.

Between budget cuts, teacher layoffs and curriculums that don’t focus on the arts, our future generation is suffering from lack of focus when it comes to this subject. The web is saturated with information, but no one is guiding budding artists to encourage directed exploration and development…. The type of development that grows creativity in all subjects, not just the arts.

Since creativity is the fuel from which new and profound ideas take seed, from the sciences, to literature, as well as design, it bothered me immensely that students were missing out on exploring their artistic side and tapping in to that creativity. I decided I could do something about that.

When people meet me and find out about some of the projects I have done as an artist, they are always intrigued and often didn’t know that such jobs even existed. They want to know how I came to do what I do and what it involves.

When I was a child, I had no idea I could do what I do now as a full time career. It took me years of chasing vocations and university degrees to work out what I wanted to do and how to do it. If only I’d had a better insight in to the possibilities to help guide my education and training. If only I had someone to aspire to be.

Now, as a successful working artist, I feel that it’s my responsibility to take what I’ve learned and pass it on…to give back a little, since I’ve been so fortunate to get paid to do something that I love every day.

This site is to help students find something to aspire to be, a vocation to work towards and a dream to manifest into reality. It’s for driving creativity through education, experience and community.