About the Founder

Founder of Art Activate, Artist/Designer for the Kids Entertainment Industry.

After graduating her MA degree in Computer Animation from the prestigious Bournemouth University NCCA program in 2001, she moved to California to work in design, where she trained on-the-job in Doll Design at Mattel HQ. She went on to start her own company, Pint Size Art, contracting to Mattel and other companies, completing designs for projects to include; Barbie Collector, High School Musical, My Scene, Polly Pocket, Strawberry Shortcake, Disney Princesses, Puffy Ami Yumi, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Pokemon, SeaWorld, McDonalds, BeGoths, SecretWings, Marvel Heroes, Princess Ai , Bratz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Ironman and endless more.

In addition to toy design, Amanda is a web and app developer, producing sites for small and large companies, as well as smart phone/tablet apps including ThinkFun’s Rush Hour, Solitaire Chess and Chocolate Fix, and Dr. Toy’s Best Gift Guide. Amanda produces sites/apps from concept to completion, working with a small team of programmers to complete her client’s vision.

Amanda also has a BA degree in Art & Design specializing in Animation and Art History. She was trained in animation by Geoff Smith, former Sesame Street animator. Her college animation work earned her a Tom Taylor Award of Excellence and the honor of Valedictorian. She has used this training to produce/direct tv and video shorts and pilots. Amongst other video productions, she has produced a series of How To Play shorts for ThinkFun Inc. that can be seen on amazon.com as well as on ThinkFun’s site, and in toy stores. She also produced an education course funded by the Bezos Foundation including online apps, video lectures for ThinkFun University and is a ThinkFun spokesperson for Maker Studio.

Amanda’s early career began as a portrait artist and set designer. Having studied under painter Andy Crocker at Long Road, Cambridge, Amanda had planned to pursue a career in Fine Arts after graduating. However after many interviews and acceptances at major Fine Art schools in London, Amanda became disillusioned with the idea of this career and turned down all her offers.  With no good careers counseling and the non-existence of the internet at that time, Amanda put her art education on hold and went to work as a singer/dancer/actress for Bodywork Co. Dance Studios. Amanda’s skills didn’t go unnoticed here, and the company would cast her in leading roles for shows, whilst simultaneously enlisting her to design the sets and advertising for the productions. With a script in one hand and a paint brush in the other, Amanda got to learn from experienced Stage crew during this time.

Amanda continues to take her art career and company in daring directions that push her creativity and skills to new limits. Amanda proves every day that a strong arts education is a solid foundation for success and growth in any field.