About Us

Art Activate is a site to showcase eclectic and interesting art projects that don’t quite fit other art sites. We’re in the process of evolving, so expect to see some changes as we build and grow.

For now, expect to see content about artists, genres, movements, projects, and works of art of any kind, along with information about how they were made, or even, how to make them yourself.

This project is about sharing, community and creativity.


If you’re a creative and you’d like to be a featured artist or have your project featured, reach out via our facebook page @ArtActivate and connect with us there. Being featured is free with no commitment or obligations – just provide images, some info about your projects and links to sites you want to promote and we’ll add you to this site. We’re looking for different, interesting projects to feature that would usually not fit into a “normal” art gallery. From video content, to murals, installations, animation, performance art… if it’s creative, we’re interested.


We will soon be adding an events calendar to our site and to our social media pages. We’d love to feature your event if you are having one – as long as it’s art related! So reach out and let us know what you are up to.