San Bernardo Booth

The San Bernardo Ice Cream Booth is a commission for the South Bay Food Show 2014.

The company asked me to come up with a unique booth painting that could stand on the beach for the show and be packed away on a shipping pallet for other events. Instead of going with canvas printed artwork that one usually displays on a convention booth, the company decided to go with a solid wood display.

So I set about designing a wooden over-sized surface that could be broken down for shipping. After a design was agreed upon by the event supervisors and the company, Rick built the design in our workshop. The design consists of 9 wood panels that form the art, held together by 3 wooden struts, that each break down into 3 sections for shipping.

The piece is so large that Rick had to build me a platform to stand on to paint the top 6 panels.

The front of the surface is primed with flat white emulsion, and the back is treated with polyurethane so that it can withstand the weather and beach environment.

After letting the primer dry for 2 days, I begun sketching out my design in paint, then under-painting the whole surface.

After under-painting everything, I went through the surface painting details. The painting took me about a month to complete from start to finish. Check out the time-lapse video of me painting it. You’ll notice I like to work over the surface evenly, rather than focusing on one area at a time. I do this so that I can step back and see what the whole piece will is evolving into as I work. On a piece this size, after most of the ground work is complete, I begin to finish small sections of the piece from top left to bottom right.

The painting is sealed with clear, semi-gloss varnish.

After the piece had dried for 3 days. We dismantled it and shipped it to the event, where it was a big success!